Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A love of mine <3

Ok so again it's been over a week since I have blogged!! I am so busy with my kiddies all the time it is heaven when I sit down to blog , but 9 times out of 10 I fall asleep so I apologise for this!! Lol
Anyway I am a MASSIVE photography fan I love taking pictures! Wether it be of food , my children , animals or buildings I just love it ! I find it so therapeutic and exciting discovering new angles and different things to photograph. I have a standard camera but I take most of my pictures on my phone , I have a iPhone 4 and I love it!! It's my baby lol.
There are so many amazing apps you can get for photography and I have most of them and to get the best effects I add all my apps together a s use them like a little family to add the effect I love.
The apps I have and love the best are of course :
Instagram <3 this app is amazing I love it.
Pixlromatic <3 this app adds boarders and lighting.

Water me <3 this app will make any picture look like its floating and adds ripples and a sunset or night effect.
I also use a collage app where you can take single photos and add them on to one photo and then through the other apps add the effects :)
Here are some of my pictures I have taken on my phone and edited!
Comments welcome,
Also I enjoy photography so if anybody would like any photos edited don't hesitate to ask :-) xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Madaline maccan <3

Hello :) sorry I've been neglecting lately I have 3 very demanding little monkies at home which is why I have decided to start a new discussion...
Madaline Maccan! The beautiful little girl that went missing in 2007. This is a very sensitive subject for a lot of people and as a mother I can no imagine what her poor parents and siblings went through and are still going through.
To lose a partner there is a name for this your a widow/er to lose parents you are an orphan but to lose your child there is no name for this loss, not that labelling this loss will make this tragic pain any easier. I have suffered a miscarriage the same year actually that Maddy went missing I was 11 weeks pregnant and it broke my heart. I was in absolute bits , I cried everyday and every night for months and still now I suffer and wonder what if.
To have a child put in your arms and to nurse that child is the most precious gift in the world their life in your hands their health and their safety down to you.
For the parents of Madaline maccan or any other parent who has lost their baby or child of any age I can't even begin to imagine what this feels like. The love you have for your babies is like no other you will experience in your whole life it's passionate and unconditional and painful at times it never goes away, even when you no longer cradle your baby in your arms all you want to do is protect them and when something bad happens you Blame yourself , I know because I've felt this blame.
I really believe and hold strong beliefs that maddy is out there somewhere I just hope for her parents and any other grieving parent she is being loved the way all of our babies deserve.
Feel free to comment <3

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Opinions about tattooed women :)

I am currently discussing (with myself) what tattoo to have next... I have 5 at the moment, but I need more!!
I think women with tattoos look gorgeous but I know not everyone share my opinion.
A lot of people thing girls should be girls and tattoos are quite a "guy thin" well I don't agree I love tattoos on anyone man or woman! Apart from the obvious facial ones, I'm a strong believer in each to their own but personally a tattooed face doesn't quite do it for me ha!!
I have quite a big on on my wrist , one on my ankle, 2 on my right shoulder and one at the base of my spine. Each of my tattoos has a reason and meaning. So what do you all think? I'd be glad to give my opinion or share pics of tats with anyone it's a great passion of mine so let me know what you have and what you would love to have... The peacock feather I am posting is what I would really like next. The others are mine already.
Mwah xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Damn stretch marks :/

Hey guys!
I have just got out the shower and I'm looking at my belly in the mirror!!
Now having three children takes its tole on a woman's body! Although I'm not "overweight" stereo typically anyway, stretch marks are the Bain of my life!! I know any fellow mums will feel the same about this unless your the lucky ones and didn't receive these little shiny lines all over your body from your little ones!!
What I would like to know is what really works to help hide/ fade these critters? I know we have our coca butter and bio oil but do they really work.... I'm going I a mission to discover the one!! The one that does help! Believe me I need help lol.
I would post a picture to show my success but I really don't want to scare anybody!!
So any fellow mummy's or daddy's out there that would like to share any stories or tips about how they have managed to fade theirs do feel free to let me know, I'll update when I've tried some things I think the first one is going to be bio oil to be honest, wish me luck!!!
<3 xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hair treatments for Blonde hair!

Evening boys and girls!
While I'm sitting here catching up on my soap gossip I thought of a great thing to discuss... Hair!!
I have been round and round in circles with my hair colour ... From mousy brown to pink to red and now I'm blonde!!
All this colouring has not been kind to my hair and the bleaching even worse!! I have tried many expensive hair treatments including- herbal essences , Elvive, and vo5... None being very successful!! Brittle ends and fuzzy roots nothing's worked!!!
Until now!!! I popped into body care in town and found this conditioner it's called Creightons, caring for colours and it really is amazing!!
You can get it for blonde or brunette hair, shampoo and conditioner- its hot it all!!! It makes your hair so soft and sleek (if straightening) and the smell is gorgeous! On top of this it enhances your colour and shine to your hair- my hair is lighter and so shiny and clean looking I love it! Even when your hair is dry and through to the following day your hair still smells delish!!! And all this at ... Wait for it £1.05p!!!
What a bargain!! Go for it treat your self ;)
Lammy xxx

First time blogger!!

Im Lam and I am a blogger virgin! My best matey "zoelou and the beauty blog"  has got me all interested and hyped up about blogging , so here I am giving it a go!!
Im 26 and a mum of three wonderful but crazy boys!!
My time is spent bringing them up the best way i can and trying to keep my hectic house in some kind of order!!
I dont currently work as my youngest is still only at nursery part time so finding hours to suit my child care can be a pain!
Obviously I am new to this so I apologise if i am not up to scratch just yet.
My blog is going to consist of the things in life i love the most for example....
Make-up!! Every girl loves a good lippy!!
New trends...I know i love to see whats hot and whats not!!
Children's brands...Its good to know whats out there for out little monsters!!
Anything that's not here feel free to add I love to discuss any topics of interest to others and I am also open to any feedback or advise from fellow bloggers!!!

Id love to hear from ya  and read your blogs so leave me a link and ill be sure to check out what you have going on!.....Love Lammy xx